Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront Cheats and Trainer for Steam

any suggestion to avoid anti-cheat?

There is no avoiding it.

as long as wemod is active the game will detect it eventually doesn’t matter what cheats you use or what you do.

game developers made sure to make it near impossible to use cheats.

which is ironic seeing as they allowed the steam workshop to make “cheat” mods.

dont know why they didn’t just apply the anti-cheat to multiplayer matches rather than the entire game.

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Because they’re trying to use EA as a model for business practices most likely

No, THIS message I get on the other CoA when using too many mods or mods that HARD conflict, NOT caused by WeMod because WeMod works fine in the other one

We need an update, the game crashes a lot :slight_smile:

The Game crashed crashed crashed every time.
Great Service!!!

@np78 @Richy80

if you bothered to read the thread you would know that an update wouldn’t change anything.
the game crashes because of the anti-cheat system detecting wemod. Causing it to crash.

let me make this crystal clear. There’s NO workaround, there’s NO fix. The anti-cheat is aimed specifically at wemod and trainers. Developers of the game stated this themselves.

the game will crash either after 5 min or a few hours. Depending on your luck. Some cheats are more prone to detection from my research. But no matter what, even if you dont use any cheats the game will crash just because wemod is running on your computer. Doesn’t even matter if its actively injected into the game or not. Just the process running will be detected and close the game.

this is the games anti-cheat system. Which currently seem impossible to circumvent. There’s some alternatives though in the form of mods in the workshop.

but trainers wont work. Not when developers like these actively work to make them non-function.

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SpetznasMC is right, it will be along time before any solution is found. there is a method that worked for me but does crash the game sometimes (make sure to save every 5 min) you could use steam work shop or mess around with CheatEngine, cheat engine worked for me but its a 50/50 chance the game will crash.

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It makes sense in multiplayer.
But in the single player, the users should play as they like.

@SpetznasMC Reading a thread that’s already old makes no sense.
One can assume that it has to be changed, but no one cares anymore.

actually it makes more sense to mark this trainer as unusable if this no longer works.
Then you save yourself from reading old threads.

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17 days isn’t old.
where i literally stated it didn’t work.

i do agree though that they should mark is not working.

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Certain aspects of the trainer dont work. Artillery can still kill the crew of the tanks. unlimited ammo doesnt seem to apply to coaxial machine guns and tank main guns