Can i get banned for offline mods

On xbox 360 can i get banned for making a new Offline account on a USB thumb drive? ( i have my Xbox live on my HDDwith my brothers Xbox live 2 ) i have a lot of games to. Would i have to un-connect to the internet to not get banned and when i am done modding re-connect? ( this same question is most likely asked 1000000 times by now. Thanks!!! ( I only modded Black ops 1 but i deleated the profile and never got banned :smile:

No. If it’s an offline account you have nothing to worry about. Microsoft doesn’t know that profile or the saves even exist since it’s never been connected to live. It’s even fairly safe to mod offline games on a Live profile, it’s when you start unlocking achievements, other profile changes like tenure, and using mods in online games, that’s when you could be worried about a ban or reset.

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You’ll be relatively safe usb modding games as stevewonda said.

If modding achievements - take care not to go overboard midding gamerscore, I’d usually mod 200/250 gs a day to be safe that way your guaranteed it’d look as legit as possible.
DO NOT Mod the following at all if going online: Avatar Colour and tenure.
You only run a risk of any form of ban through RGH & Jtag, unless you use stealth - it will delay the ban, but not prevent it completely. If you have either, you’ll be able to get back online using a clean/unbanned keyvault (youll have to buy it from a trusted seller).