Can I remove Xbox live from a gamertag?

Hi! I have been trying to login to Xbox live with an account I haven’t used in a lot of years, I’m not able to login and I suppose it got deleted, can I make that gamertag a non Xbox live one again for it to ask me to create a new account and continue using my gamertag? Thank you very much, I really don’t want to lose all the years expended there

This would probably be best asked to Microsoft. As Wemod really only handles their own product. That being said, I found this that may help, if not, I’d call them.

Once an account is on the live servers there is no way to remove that status. MS changed it where gamertags can be used multiple times now but it will include a # after it like discord.

I don’t really care about the gamertag name, if a solution like copying all the content of the profile and putting it in a new one is possible that would be great too, what I really want to keep is my achievements, there is no way to do something alike?

Uh do you still have the profile on your console?

Yes! I can use it offline in my 360 without problem, but if I go online it forces me to login on Xbox live and I’m not able to