Can somebody tell me how to use

Do I just burn the games to a disc or do I need a JTAG or a flashed xbox? I’m not trying to advertise I just need help.

flashed xbox

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You need a flashed drive on a JTAG or a flashed xbox,

You need Dual Layer 8.5discs and burn them and x2 speed

and just put it in your xbox and it should load

dont they have a section for this type of question on there site

Flashed xbox, JTAG or retail lol. Depends what you’re downloading off there.

EDIT: Just re read the post lol. Yeah you need a flashed xbox or JTAG

If you have a JTAG, you can use it.

You need a Jtag/Flashed Xbox to play ISO’s. You can burn them to dvd’s - get 8GB dual layer DVD-R’s if you plan to put the ISO’s on disc.

Jtag = No disks, and it is easier to use, but can not go online
Flashed = Disks and can go online

Their is a section on xbox360iso, that says jtag, if you have a flashed xbox do not go their, but if you have a jtag go their and download the games. If you have a Flashed their is a spot called Xbox360 game rips, or something like that, go their for your games


If you are using a modded waw disc, or gta you just need a normal xbox and learn how to hotswap if you have a elite with a benq disc drive you don;t even need to take your xbo apart!

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