Can someone help me create a save game for Xbox?

[b]The person I want to play is Jarlaxle Baenre there’s info on him here:

Things he’d need would be:

Arvak available straight away
Ability to become etheral but sustainable (perhaps a ring - so can turn on and off)
A large array of staves and other magical effect items (rings, amulets)

If you could create the hat and eye patch that would be awesome as well as the clothes and the cloak but that may be hard to do to switch over to console.

Here’s the best effort I’ve seen yet:

I’d prefer him to be more slim and more elf like though if possible!

Really appreciate any help guys :smile:[/b]

I can:

Give you the Summon Arvak conjuration spell (provided you have the Dawnguard DLC)
Give you an item that turns on/off Ethereal
Give you enchanted gear

I cannot:
Make an eye patch and pirate hat. Even if I could, it would not transfer over to 360.

Do you want a fresh save modded after the first mission is completed? (Unbound)

You’ll need to post what enchanted items you want or any other items for that matter in console command form.

player.additem 0007a91a 1

Just google search the item you want + skyrim. Ex: skyrim schimitar, then grab the ID listed on the wiki.
For items with xxx in the beginning of the ID number, please tell me which DLC that item is for.

Once you post all the stuff you want, I’ll get started on your save.

[b]Thanks, to be honest the items he has may end up as unique ones, I don’t know if you looked at the link it lists the items he has there. Whether that means modding old items or sticking to the ones in game I’m unsure about.

I understand about hat and eye patch I doubted they would be a likelihood but always best to ask!

Let me know if you can mod the items he has or if you’d like a list, thank you very much for your helpm - I’ll be in role play heaven![/b]

I don’t think any of his magical items are even possible in vanilla skyrim. - None of the items listed on that page are in the game.

What I’m asking you to do, is compile a list of console commands so that I can add whatever items you want to the save. I’m not going to do all the work of looking up the enchantment ID’s, that’s your job. I’m just adding them.

For example, if you wanted 1 gold diamond ring, 9999 daedric arrows, & 2 schimitars, these are the codes that I would need:

player.additem 000877C9 1
player.additem 000139C0 9999
player.additem 0007A91A 2

Go here for more info on skyrim console commands.

[b]Thanks, I will try as suggested however just to make sure. I was under the impression (from previous modded saves) it’s possible to create unique effects on items?

So i.e. ring with effects of become ethereal or sword with unrelenting force etc…

Would it be possible to do that? I can list the items as you suggest and also the effects, marrying those up to in game effects.[/b]


use the CK to see all magic effects

As has been asked, to create a ring with ethereal ability you need the console command of playerenchantobject the items id code and the spell/effect id code. however, looking over the page for said character, you’ll be very lucky if you can make him for Xbox. PC, sure it’d be easy with a few user made mods, but Xbox you’d miss out on at least 50-75% of all his stuff.