Can’t use trainer, “requires pro”

actually it IS the trainer. tested it out with graveyard keeper, stardew valley, dragon quest xi, final fantasy ix, fallout 4, fable anniversary, torchlight 2, oxygen not included. they all have the same thing in common “Requires Pro status to use”

Also tested for a large number of other games as well, they are all now locked behind a paywall.

Hello! :slight_smile:

First of all, I split your post from a thread that is four years old, because the thread refers to an older version of WeMod and therefore is no longer relevant to the latest release of WeMod - check the dates of the last posts before posting in threads. I also edited your post to remove some childish remarks.

As for your reported issue, no trainers here at WeMod require a Pro subscription to use.
If you are not a Pro user, you need to activate cheats using the keyboard hotkeys, that are displayed on the right-hand side of each cheat.

Alternative methods of activating cheats, such as clicking them, using the remote app or using the game bar overlay, are some of the Pro features we offer, as a thank you to those who support WeMod’s continued existence, maintenance and development.

Maintaining a software and community the size of WeMod is not free nor cheap in the slightest. Bear in mind that WeMod does have every right to make some trainers paid-only, like all of our rivals have done. But it hasn’t, thanks to the support of its Pro users. WeMod is also the cheapest in comparison to rival services, an individual Pro subscription isn’t even enough to buy a WeMod developer one cup of coffee a month.

In the future, please ask rather than jumping to incorrect conclusions and flinging childish remarks (removed from your post) around. There’s always someone in the community willing to help, but usually only if you’re polite and mature.