Can you get banned for modding NBA 2k12 My Player

I’m fairly new to this forum :smile: Not really new to modding just a few questions on my mind. I have understood you risk banning for any sort of modding done to profile/games. Although its impossible to get banned for modding stuff that does not require online gameplay.

My question is this, can you get banned for modding NBA 2k12 My Player skill points? I did this method -----> [NBA 2K12] 99 Overall My Player Hack! | Se7enSins Gaming Community

I’m not really sure if it uses online or not as there is no form of online gameplay for myplayer mode but I think it sends information to the 2k Server. And I did the method showed on the link where I used all the skill points while being offline, then reverted my skill points back to the way I had it before getting back online.

BUT it did unlock an achievement - “Reach level 80 in My Player Mode” when I was raising my skill points (while offline)… which kinda seems legit no? Idk I’m just a little confused with the “boundary’s” of modding. Thanks for any support in advance :smile:

Worried? Don’t mod, mod-may lead to a ban but it’s your choice.

Even if you mod campaign that doesn’t need to get online? Like skyrim for example?

You’ll get banned if you do it online.

If your offline, your in the safe zone.

You take the risk of getting banned.

However, if you don’t go online with it, you should be good.

I modded my 2k player about 2 weeks ago and haven’t recieved a ban or any type of warning by either 2k or Xbox live.

Not saying that it’s not coming, but I knew the risk going in.

Happy Modding.

Yes, you can. However it will be very unlikely.

You will not be banned from Live, and it’s unlikely you will be banned from 2K since there is no “crew”.

I used the tool in Dec 2011 have played 3 seasons with myplayer. Played online (without my myplayer obviously), have my skill points maxed out. No ban has come my way and to be honest i dont think it will.

I have had mine modded forever dont worry.