Can you get banned in halo reach for modding anymore?

i was just wondering if you could still get banned in halo reach from credit/armor unlock hacks, since bungie/343 havent moderated it for a while now…

(btw, is it possible to host exp lobbies in halo reach?)

I’ve been doing the whole not play for a good 150 days and then mod 149k credits and I’ve done that at least 2 or 3 times and haven’t been banned. I don’t know how risky armor/credit hacks are and I haven’t heard of any lobby’s for reach.

how did you mod the credits if you can only add 1000 a day?

The only thing I’ve seen anyone get banned for is modding your service tag. If you search in matchmaking with it, it’s an instant profile & console ban from Reach matchmaking. It happened to our very own BATMAN G0T HAM.

thank you for that link Zac. another question if i may ask and probably a dumb one. When you add those credits does it still move your progress bar for rank up?

Yes it moves it up.

So I can’t get banned for modding my level up and unlocking everything?

What do you mean it moves up?

This is 7 years old now probably was for xbox 360. Too old

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