Can you Hex edit NFS Undercover?

The save editors i have found which are only 2 for NFS undercover do not work for me. One i wanted to use just freezes and pops up with error JIT debbugging and dont know how to fix this which is a pain as it has a load of things you can edit.

So I thought i would give Hex editing a go. Never done it before, however came across a couple of topics elsewhere saying the game cant be hex edited?

I started of trying what is in this topic How to savegame edit with Hex Editor for Beginners (Xbox 360) | Digiex

However i must be editing the wrong part as it loads corrupted on my 360. I have 2 save files and comparing them, but cant seem to find my amounts of money i have changed from one save then used a bit of money for the 2nd save.

First save is £64,010 but Im trying to find on my 2nd save → £54,375 = 67D4 0000 , 0000 D467 however i cant seem to find these in the editior but i did find D4 67 on 2 instances when i searched.

Can this game be hex edited? If so any pointers or advice on how to do it.