Can you Mod My Save

Hello there im a bit new but im in need of a skyrim save modder for xbox 360
if anyone is willing please email me at
thank you

Hello and welcome.
Not sure if you’ll find someone who will mod your savefile.
Maybe @SteveWonda does it still not sure.

Send me the save and a list of console commands and I will do it for you.


also can you give me 1000 of all ingots leather and leather strips
and if you dont mind drop a psb( all spells)

save_edit.txt (6.8 KB)

I am not going to look up commands myself.

This should work. (7.6 MB)

Internet died yesterday just as I was writing this.

ok thank you ill see if it work right away

alright thank you it worked though i forgot to put dragon souls on my list but hey thats my fault but thank you and good job

player.forceav dragonsouls 999

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