Can you use infinity with pirated games

i dont really have any games on my steam account so i was wondering if i can use it on pirated games.

Not officially, but some may work. Some games have different folder structure for cracked games but you should be fine for the most past.

thanks for the help

In relation to this post, I have a pirated game and whenever I go to start up infinity with it it tries to pull up steam, is there any way that I can manually set a directory folder for where Infinity pulls up the game or searches for it? The biggest issue that I’m coming up with is that 1) it keeps wanting to pull up Steam and 2) it keeps saying that the game could not be found. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Which game is it? Start the game yourself then attach infinity.

I am trying to launch Youtubers Life, and it keeps pulling up the wrong launcher, I need it to launch SmartSteamEmu not the game exe. Is there any way I can make it to launch the Emu? Because the game exe does not work. So the emu is what has to be launched.

You can launch the trainer after the game. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.

Yeah launch it yourself then attach infinity =)

recently i was trying to cheat in pirated version of prey. But it did not work, Can someone help

No. Most pirated versions will not work with trainers. The devs don’t have time to support a lot of different versions of the same game.

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Get latest or close to latest steam version

Can i use Wemod on pirated youtubers life?