Cannot access cheats in infinity

I have recently upgraded my window 7 x64 sp1 ultimate to windows 10 x64 pro
and moved all the files from window.old

when i opened infinity i could not access the cheats nor the settings

i have tried reinstalling and I have tried wiping the cache using the troubleshooting .bat files


I have had this issue too a couple of times. Simply restarting Infinity fixes it for me.

Infinity’s logs can help figure out what the issue is. There’s two ways to get them:

  1. Click Settings and “Save Log…”. I don’t think you’ll be able to navigate to settings though.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+D in Infinity to open the console. Right click the text for an option to save the log. Follow STN’s tutorial if needed Using Infinity Console

Send me the log file in a message and I’ll check it out :thumbsup:

the problem solved by itself after i tried to save the logs but here are the logs if you want

-1498674997443.log (34.6 KB)