Cannot see some mods

Hi i am a new and free user on we mod app and as you see in picture above the join to pro box block some of the mods and i cannot see what they do and it not block on just this game but any game with a lot of mod the box will block the mods is there any way i can remove the box or at least change it position because it too annoying.
Unfortunately i cannot Subscribe to pro version

Try restarting WeMod. That should be displayed on the right and you are missing other elements on the page.

btw thanks for letting me seeing the hidden mods :heart:

i restart it like 5 times but it still show on left side and i donot missing anything i just crop the picture XDD

I’m referring the menu on the right side under play. The next thing would be to try reinstalling WeMod. When you restarted WeMod did you make sure to close it from the tray also?

oh you mean this menu yea idk why it hidden but i get it back after restart it from first time and this picture above after reinstalling we mod sadly it did not work and yes when i restart we mod i make sure to close it from tray icon.
btw my display language on the windows is Arabic not English do u think this is the problem?
because the Arabic display the things from right to left Arabic is the opposite of English

That does appear to be the cause of it. We are working on a fix and will release it as soon as it is ready.

thanks a lot :rose: :rose: :rose:

@MOSTAFA80 Thanks for your patience. This is fixed in the latest update to WeMod!

i just open it and yes it fixed for me thank god and thank for anyone who fix it and thanks u for telling me

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