Cannot update or install

I went to run WeMod today and it prompted for an update.

I downloaded the update manually but got an error when installing it. It got caught somewhere between the uninstall and reinstall process because it is no longer installed on my computer.

I downloaded the installer from the website and ran it. It downloaded and started the install, but that failed with the same error.

I chose the option to download manually, which I did, and ran it and got the same error. I tried running as administrator as well.


I looked at the log but it seems to be related to a different, unrelated app I have installed on my computer.

I am running Windows 10 64-bit 19044.1826 (21H2).

I found the log file. Put it on pastebin since the forum system seems to think there’s links in it.

I figured it out. There was a “squirrel.exe” that was somehow locked and could not be deleted. It’s in the path C:\users<username>\AppData\Local\WeMod\app-8.3.1. Used LockHunter to delete the file, rebooted, and was able to successfully reinstall.

I am having this exact same problem, but there’s no squirrel.exe to delete


  1. First, I performed a fresh update/reboot.
  2. Then I manually disabled all of my anti-everythings.
  3. Then I manually uninstalled the previous version of WeMod.
  4. Then I rebooted.
  5. Then I disabled all of my anti-everythings again.
  6. Then I manually verified the uninstallation of the previous installation of WeMod.
  7. Then I rebooted again.
  8. Then I reinstalled the current version 8.3.5 successfully.