Cant attach trainer to game exe because of fabled windows permission bug

so im trying to force the trainer to work on a different platform of the game (which normally works, i find that alot of trainers can work on the different platforms of games (for example using steam trainer on a uplay game or vice versa,(because the games are technically coded the exact same other than the added coding for the platform drm lock),

i do this on occasion when there isn’t a trainer for the platform im using(and im not gonna waste points on game platform versions that will likely never have a trainer)(and some trainers have cheats they dont have on other trainers for the same game, no idea why this is a thing, if a trainer gets a remake it should have the same cheats as before) right now what im doing would work except im coming across the fabled “u dont have permission” windows bug.

the windows store game location is:
C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\39EA002F.FINALFANTASYIX_1.4.10.2_x64__n746a19ndrrjg\FINAL FANTASY IX.exe

I tried starting wemod as admin

I have ownership and full permissions & am the only admin/owner account on my computer


The WindowsApps folder is protected so you will need to change ownership of the folder to make your user the owner. What you said is true about trainers being cross compatible, but it’s not guaranteed that they all work.

Let us know if you have any other questions :smiley:

I know i’m really late to respond (and you may not even see this) (i haven’t been on wemod for a long while but you clearly didn’t look at the screenshot or read what i put)
“I have Full Permissions and Ownership” (it shows this right in the screenshot itself)

also precisely why its called (The Fabled “u dont have permission” Windows Bug.)

I’m not the average person on a computer, I fully know what im doing 99% of the time(and i very rarely have issues, because i been working on computers for 24 years , and got 5 years of minor game developing and minor website designing aswell as 10 years of networking experience, so ive been around alot.
(also the reason why u will only see a few posts from me actually asking for help on wemod)

doesn’t matter much tho at this point tho as i dont even have the game installed anymore.


I still pop on here when I can. I also work with computers/tech on the daily. Fun fact: you’ve been in the industry at least as long as I’ve been alive :laughing:. (I’m 24)

The reason I said that you need to change ownership of that folder is due to there not being any specific user that is given the title “Owner” on that folder. You just have the generic “Administrators” group as the owner.

I’ve had this issue myself for a different reason, but I had to assign my user as the owner on the WindowsApps folder then apply any inherited permissions on the contents of the folder.

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:

On the next open of the WindowsApps folder, it will say “You don’t have access…” but it lets you in every subsequent time after clicking “Ok”. It also seems that after the feature/cumulative update(s), the permission is reset which is annoying.

Sorry for the long post describing something you really don’t even need anymore :laughing: