Can't buy Tokens


I am trying to buy more tokens, but when I click on the ‘Buy now’ button, it just takes me to a new window to buy Wepoints. I just want the tokens for voting purposes. Please help.



WePoints are used to purchase vote tokens. WePoints have additional uses which is why you buy WePoints and not vote tokens.

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Either I’m retarded or the app is not intuitive. I tried buying voting tokens twice ($50/each), but it still shows 0. I saw my WeMod points go up to 36k+, then back down to 6k. Is the app buggy?

When I click the “add more” on voting tokens, it says I’m buying 100 for $50, but then it also says you get voting tokens by spending wemod points. So which is it? Am I buying 100 voting tokens or some amount of wemod tokens?

How do I spend wemod points? For the life of me I cant find anything to spend on.

I signed up for the pro yearly before trying all of this to support the app, but man I am not having a good user experience here.


Just to clarify how the WePoints/Tokens work since it is a little misleading:

The bottom number of WePoints is the cost of the respective number of Tokens. Ex. The first box has 1 Token equaling 250 WePoints as the base unit.

This window gives you options to purchase WePoints which then can be converted into Vote Tokens @ 250 WePoints/Token.

Yes, the in app currency system is a little misleading so I hope I explained it so it’s easy to understand :slight_smile:

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Thank you for being a pro member and supporting wemod should be sorted soon enuf thanks again !