Cant connect to server

I downloaded horizon yesterday and it worked fine. but today i downloaded webroot and it uninstalled something for horizon and im not sure if thats why i cant connect or maybe its just the servers. And ive uninstalled every security application on my computer. If someone could give me a linkto the new download that would be great>

Uninstall Horizon through the “Control Panel” then redownload Horizon from this link:

It still says failed to connect to server

Did you allow Horizon through your Firewall? Also do you have an antivirus installed on your computer?

yes it is allowed

And no i uninstaled every one of them

Did you uninstall “Webroot?”

yes i did

Hmm, do you mind Teamviewing, I can see what the problem is hands on and try to fix it the best of my abilities.

Teamviewer is a program that let’s me take control of your computer to help you with your problem. The program is 100% safe you can stop me from controlling your computer at anytime.

Download Teamviewer

ok i downloaded it

idis: 893 790 578

Send the password through Private Message.

id is 893 790 578

why do u need password

I got the ID, I need the Password as well, send me the Password which is right under the ID as a Private Message.

The password is used to verify the connection without it I can’t connect.

how do id this

Make a new topic, this topic is 2 year old and explain your problem.

@staff Guess it should been closed? 2 yold