Cant download wemod

My computer won’t allow me to download wemod bc it says “virus detected”. This has happened for other mod applications I’ve tried downloading. I just want to have infinite money on Rome total war 2 lol. If anyone could help me, thank you. I have a desktop gaming computer w the mcafee free trial on so I think that might be the issue

You will need to add an exception or disable Mcafee while using WeMod. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that be done from our end for this.

im not the best with computers, so could you explain how to make an exception? or how can i disable it altogether? thank you for your speedy reply

so i added the file and then tried downloading again and it still said virus detected

i think i figured it out! i just turned offf real time scannning all together. my question now, if you know, is when it turns back on will that disrupt tehe mod?

I don’t think that will make a difference. if it does you will need to either need to turn it off again or add an exception for WeMod.

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