Can't Find Default.xex

I used ISO2GOD converter to convert Destiny after i converted the game I only found data. files but could’nt find the Default.xex Please Help!! :cry:

and How could I know which format I use GOD or XEX ???:expressionless:

Well did you download the iso of the game or rip from a disc? Also since you are talking about format of GOD or XEX are you trying to run it on RGH or JTAG?

lol extract the images from the iso using xbox image browser or isoextract mayne

I downloaded the Iso of the game and I tried to run it on Freestyle not Dashboard

You can’t run the .iso file, either convert it to GOD and run the .data file (44kb) or like Psyco said, using Xbox Image Browser to extract all the files from the iso, including the default.xex

I downloaded the game Iso and i tired running it on Freestyle

the rebuilt ISO from the ISO2GOD or the original ISO ??

Both mate, you can’t run an iso on freestyledash. iso2god should’ve created another folder as well as the rebuilt iso with 8 letters/numbers (Each game varies so I couldn’t tell you what it’s called). It’s that folder you want to place on your HDD/USB.

Like you said in your OP you only had a data file (which is 44kb) that is what you want to run when you are on fsd, that should then boot the game.

All what I need to know now…Do I have to delete anything before converting ??

like deleting something from The ISO ?? :interrobang:

Nah man, keep the iso as it is when you downloaded it, convert to god using iso2god, then delete both the original iso and the rebuilt one once you’re finished.

Thanks Man you really helped me alot :thumbsup:

but only one question… how could i play the game without default.xex ??

Okay the last question

how can I play the game without default.xex ??

Is it a full Xbox Game, or an Arcade or something?

It is a full game ((Destiny))

Hmm… Are all the files there except the default.xex? lol

Plus it’s pointless trying to play destiny on a jtag/rgh because the game is online only. You would need a kv + stealth to play it.

yes except the Default.xex

yes this is why I asked all these questions cause i can’t wait until i play it :smiley:

I couldn’t tell you my dude, maybe the uploader purposely removed it? When I download Destiny mine came with a default.xex

no the ISO has the default.xex it but when I converted it I COULD’NT FIND IT

should I use the Xbox Image Browser ??

Use xbox image browser it’s the simplest way.

You’re confusing me now :\ haha

What did you convert it with, if you use iso2god it won’t have a default.xex

It’s entirely up to you what you use. I prefer Xbox Image Browser over iso2god just because… I don’t know, preference really.

If you plan on going on xbox live, it’s best to use iso2god instead of running the default.xex?