Can't find folder for MW Remastered

Infinity can’t seem to find MW Remastered. I’m a PC user, anyone know the file name of MW Remastered campaign so that I can manually redirect it there? I picked the MW Remastered folder in CommonApps folder and it doesn’t work. Apparently there is a sub folder in MW Remastered that is dedicated to singleplayer.

huh? Can you screenshot it? These are all the folders you should have in the base of game folder (h1_sp64_ship.exe should be in it).

If your folder structure is different, let me know @AstroArchon

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Yes I’m having a problem also. When I run the game from your program I get a red flag telling me Steam must be running first which it already is. When I run the game first then the game cheats will activate. Basically I can not start the game utilizing your program.

Can you screenshot the error? Sounds like its a game error rather than infinity’s.

Here You Go. Thanks for the help.:slight_smile:

Would you no how to correct this problem?

I don’t think this is a problem with infinity but the game simply doesn’t want to be run as a child process. Run the game yourself then attach infinity, you said it works that way.

I asked frank anyway though, he might know more why this happens.

Thank you

@CunnyLingus do you get this error only while playing MW: Remastered, or other games as well ? Looks like a STEAM or permission issue, rather than INFINITY.

Sometimes running both STEAM as well as games in Admin mode can cause this error (try non-admin mode as well).

Try to delete the ClientRegistry.blob file from your steam folder. Browse to “C:\Program Files\Steam”, or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam”, if using a 64-bit PC.

Restart Steam, or reinstall it. To fix any issues with your local Steam files, navigate to the Steam’s installation directory, and delete all files in the directory apart from the following 2:

and the whole steamapps directory. After that, restart Steam once again. Do you have a LEGIT copy of this game on STEAM ?

I cant seem to locate ClientRegistry.blob.

Trying to run this game through Infinity is the only time I recieve this message.

Oh, YES I think that would be because the latest version/update of STEAM doesn’t use this .blob file anymore. Forgot about this.

Think they have removed it (steam://flushconfig, was used as an alternative).