Can't find "WeMod Overlay" in Microsoft Store


As the subject title suggests, I can’t find WeMod Overlay when I run a search in Microsoft Store.

I know I can download/install the overlay via the WeMod app and via the WeMod website (which links to the Microsoft Store website)… but it is really bugging me that I can not find it on my own, in the Microsoft Store app.

I’ve tried doing Googles on this topic and scouring through this forum but I have not yet found an answer that applies to Windows 11. I would appreciate any answers and guidance.

Thank you!

I understand your frustration with not being able to find the WeMod Overlay in the Microsoft Store app. I think I may be experiencing the same issue, but I’ll need to confirm with my managers if this is normal.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Overlay widgets are not listed in the Microsoft store. You need to search in the widget store

Thank you for the prompt reply. I tried pursuing this lead—here are the steps I’ve taken:

 - Pressed/typed WIN+W to bring up the widget screen thing (there's weather, news, etc.)
 - Clicked on the Settings icon/gear in the top right corner
 - Clicked on "Discover new widgets"
 - Clicked on "Find more widgets"

These actions took me right back to the Microsoft Store app, where I am able to download/install widgets for Spotify, Messenger, etc. Since I was back in the Microsoft Store app, I tried searching “WeMod Overlay” again. Unfortunately, the results did not list WeMod Overlay.

Thank you for the prompt reply, MLGENIE. And for your willingness to raise the issue with someone else.

I’ll be waiting patiently. Thank you!

Hmm interesting, I didn’t realize they had gamebar widgets in the app store. Is there a particular reason you don’t want to install it from the link that takes you directly to store page? I’m just going to guess that ours is not publish publicly to avoid users downloading it without Pro then asking why it doesn’t work but I will need to double-check with someone else on this.