Cant install infity because old version?

ill try installing infinity, then the installer forgets to make its setup.msi and then when i give up trying to install it it says it failed to uninstall and older version of infinty

What’s your OS build, and version ? Is it a 32 or 64 bit OS ? Are you trying to install, or REMOVE previous version of INFINITY from your system ?

Be more specific. Kindly try to re-install and download INFINITY from scratch.

First off, remove the previous installed version of Infinity, via the Windows Control Panel settings, under “Programs and features.

After that do a CLEAN reinstall of this tool. Reboot your OS. If using Windows 10 OS, then kindly disable automatic updates, for the time being.

Make sure NO AntiVirus is enabled, including AVAST as well as Windows DEFENDER. Turn off the real time protection of “defender”.

Sometimes just disabling any AV software doesn’t help much, so completely turn OFF and uninstall any Antivirus, as well as firewall, or better yet, create an exception for the entire INFINITY folder.

What’s the status of the User Account Control setting/UAC on your system ?

Use this ‘CCleaner’ tool to scan your OS for any broken/corrupt registry entries as well, if need be. After that, try reinstalling INFINITY:

Do have the latest version of .NET framework, as well as VC++ redist packages installed as well ?

Sometimes, if Windows cannot properly load the Setup.msi file, then either the flle is corrupt/missing, and/or is infected with a Virus or malware (in some cases).

Corrupt Windows registry keys can also sometimes attribute to this kind of error. If the Windows Installer engine is corrupt, disabled, or installed incorrectly, this may cause any program installation issues.

An MSI is a Windows Installer database. The Windows Installer package/file might also be corrupt in some cases.

mk so im running windows 64 bit trying to install infinity after i removed it about a year ago. my antivirus was turned off. ive already installed this program onece before so i know it can install. i already tryed the ccleaner and it didnt help. yes i have the newest .net framework and VC++. i already scanned ro viruses everywhere so i should be good for that. oh and ive also ran it as admin too. im pretty sure thats all but if you need more info tell me

Okay, this sounds like an Operating system issue, IMO.

Some system files surely are configured in a wrong way, else you should be able to easily uninstall INFINITY, and then re-install it back.

You didn’t mention which OS you have, Win 7, 8/8.1, or 10 ? But never mind all this, can you do a CLEAN format and re-install of your operating system (though, keep this as a last resort).

Can you ADD/install/remove all other programs and apps on your system, or is it just related to INFINITY tool ?

Do you have this file, and directory path on your system ?:

C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daring Development\Infinity\Storage\Infinity.sdf

Try deleting the Infinity.sdf file, or better yet, remove the entire “Daring Development” FOLDER, if need be, to remove any previous traces of Infinity related files.

(These files may sometimes be hidden, so you must enable the “Show hidden files, folders…” option via Control Panel).

REGISTRY Editor (regedit) can also be used, but I won’t recommend messing with the registry. After all this, try to install INFINITY.

While at the time of installing INFINITY, completely disconnect from the INTERNET, and be offline, just for troubleshooting purpose (for time being). Check your Modem/router firewall settings as well.

ok well i tried regedit earlier and hat didnt help. i tried deleting the daring development files in appdata\local and that didnt help either. i disconnected from the internet and tried to install infinity. same message. ill send pictures

i dont know if this helps but i was looking htrough the log file and it said this

Warning: Local cached package ‘C:\WINDOWS\Installer\246e3faa.msi’ is missing.

SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: Verifying package --> ‘C:\Users\my_username\AppData\Local\Package Cache{4E908AC1-F381-4E7B-BFDA-4CCBED10A57D}v1.4.6\Setup.msi’ against software restriction policy

MSCOREE not loaded loading copy from system32

not sure if this helps either

@Frank @STN

The issue will be fixed within the next 6 hours.


A new version of the Infinity tool has been released. Give this a try:

Oh yeah that fixed it. Thx bois

Thanks for the update.