Cant install xex menu on modded 360

Hi,for a week now,i’ve been trying to install xexmenu on my MODDED 360 that I hacked in 2007,with a neat little device called “360 EXTRACTOR PRO” Made by Maximus and I actually managed to it succesfully,and was able to blay burnt games (on disc) with no problem.Since then all these xex menu thingies have been popping up and I,ve been struggling to install them and every time I try to it dust says corrupted data!.Does the way I hacked my 360 make the problem?Is they way I hacked it different than Jtag or RGH?Please help.

The tool I used;

You flashed your drive which is not the same as RGH or JTag. RGH is a modification that injects code by exploiting a weakness in the hardware.

So…Guess Im out of luck.Right?

And what if I try burn xexmenu 1.1 on disc?I mean, this site
has two downloads.One to burn on disc and one to do it off usb.So what if I burn a disc?

You still need to modify the 360 before you can install and use xex menu. Jtag or RGH require hardware modification where you need to install a special chip and do some soldering. Google it if you want the full rundown.

You know what screw it.Im fine with my xbox now…

Ok. All that matters is having fun with what you have ! if your knowledgeable a little bit I’m sure the chips are like peanuts now for rgh kit
Or even buying an jtag done should be way cheap now

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