Cant load Cheats into game

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Heres the Error wich pops up whenever i try to start ARK: Survival Evolved

Infinity sais: Were having Trouble loading the cheats into your Game. Try restart your game

Can someone pls help me fix this error… I really wanna play Ark with Infinity

Grettings from Austria

sincerely DrSepp

Disable battleeye

Thanks! It works now ;3

battleeye what is it? and jurrasic evolution says Cant load Cheats into game.

Battleeye is an anti cheating software. Jurassic evolution says it needs an update so most likely the trainer is out of date. I would recommend starting the game normally though and the ALT-TABing and clicking play on WeMod and see if that works! :slight_smile:

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they should allow the steam shortcut launcher to work for the game also but isn’t not ex.

556 out of 1969 voted for the update.

Which game are you speaking about? :slight_smile:

556 out of 1969 voted for the update that is how many for jurrasic world evolution.

That would mean it hasn’t meant the threshold to be updated. There is a little line on the progress bar, once that is reached it’s considered 100% voted for and it will be updated :slight_smile: