Can't pass archives to save, rehash and resign. Cancel symbol

When I drag files from the folder to Horizon, it shows a cancel symbol "Ø, :no_entry_sign: " and don’t let them through. I have started Horizon as administrator, I have formatted the USB from the Xbox as from the PC and nothing works, I have reinstalled Horizon multiple times and I have searched for help on the internet, but I can’t find anything
Error Horizon Save Rehash and Resign. - YouTube](Error Horizon Save Rehash and Resign. - YouTube)

Just going to guess that the files you are trying to use aren’t PIRS.

Windows doesn’t support drag and drop to a program running as Admin from one that’s not. You’ll have to either use the Open button in the package manager or drag and drop the files onto the Horizon shortcut on your desktop, if one exists.

No buddy, every file i try to pass is PIRS. They are files suitable for horizon, I have tried it with various files from the internet and nothing works

I have Windows 7 friend, I don’t have any package manager, anyway I don’t know how to use that. Long time ago, I could pass archives through Windows Explorer to Horizon without any problem, but now, I have this problem that surged from nothing. Any idea how to solve that?

The package manager is in Horizon; it is not part of windows.