Can't pay Horizon Diamond account

I am trying but could not pay an Horizon diamond account. I am using a virtual credit card and I live in Brazil. Don’t you accept virtual credit cards? Don’t you accept payments from outside USA?

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While this is not my area of expertise here at WeMod, I can still provide some insight.
Virtual cards are still classified as trials. In other words they are still in the testing stages. Because of that there are many businesses who do not trust them yet, as they are unproven.

There are a few security concerns surrounding virtual cards. To give one example - it’s difficult for the business receiving the money to be certain that the virtual card was generated by the actual physical owner of the physical card. Virtual cards make it easier for thieves or cyber criminals to gain access to money that is not theirs.

Virtual cards can also be used to abuse free trial systems on some websites because the virtual cards are temporary (ie, sign up for Netflix free trial on a virtual card. Cancel the virtual card, get a new one. Sign up for another Netflix trial on the new virtual card). This is technically fraud. WeMod has a free trial system, which might be open to abuse/fraud with virtual cards.

Because of these issues, many businesses, especially online ones (ie PayPal, Netflix, etc), do not accept virtual cards.
Please try a different payment method.

If you believe this is not your issue or you’d like more information, then please feel free to get in touch with Payments are considered to be personal information, so a public forum is not the best place to discuss these topics, for your privacy. :slight_smile: