Cant turn on Rgh ( Red power brick)

Hi. I have an rgh. Its a corona. Anyways, I have had this problem for a week. I go to turn on my xbox, then the light comes on and makes the beep sound for half a second, then the power brick turns red. The fan doesn’t come on. I have a budget of 11 dollars if I need to buy something. Also, If i need to take the xbox apart I will. Thanks. Also, If I need to post somewhere else, Can you please tell me nicely? Thank ya
-Supermariotyt, a hacker and modder

Unplug it for awhile. Then plug it to a different plug try that
Or worse mite be a short inside wires touching ? Been awhile for me on 360

I did unplug it, but I dont have another powercord. It has been unplugged for about a week, I am going to try and contact ya later when I open the system up