Captain of industry

when do you make one for the title just released captain of industry?


Trainers are made or updated depending on their popularity within the WeMod community.
Learn more here: Game Queue - WeMod Support.

I have to say though - don’t get your hopes up for a trainer too soon. The game is in Early Access, which means it’s a royal pain in the arse to make trainers for as early access games tend to update too frequently, hence their trainers break frequently.

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thanks for answering me.

if you want I can try to do it myself :smiley:

You’re welcome to make your own trainer for personal use, of course, nobody can stop you there. But we do not accept community-made trainers here at WeMod, as they present logistical nightmares and security risks. WeMod trainers are also much more complicated and advanced than simple Cheat Engine tables, making WeMod trainers requires coding knowledge. :slight_smile:

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I know, I’m also a programmer and maybe I’d like to work with you. for the moment I will wait for it to be done. :smiley: