Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Launch the game through Steam, not through WeMod.

I launched it through stream and it failed.

then I reinstalled the game again and put the rename file in and it still
said “Failed to start the game. please check your installation or antivirus software.”

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the top three cheats do not work if you could fix or update it we all will be thankful to you @MrAntiFun

these cheats are much less than the others and what is available on cheat engine , please update it and add more features the game is picking up with their major update

It realy needs a update. No mater what I try it didn’t work at all.

Use the stand-alone from Fling has way more options and no bugs, works perfectly fine on latest version (Steam).

MrAntiFun trainer hasn’t worked in months, and when it did was buggy.

Hi, thx for your work but you can update and fix it ?

mines keeps saying up grade to 64 bit ver and keeps antivirus

Did you do the anticheat bypass?

what is that? i have rename

this is what im dealing with

You need to follow the instructions in the second post. It is not just renaming the exe.

Thanks Google translator! I am from Argentina and 0 English. Please update the trick of the game, I paid for the “pro” version to be able to use it and that honestly saddens me, please and thank you and encouragement updating and putting new tricks, good luck


je ne peux pas joué avec captain tsubasa sur wemod, comment faire ? ça m’indique un message d’anti virus, mais j’ai bien désactivé le pare-feu et l’anti virus et ça ne fonctionne pas

Ensuite, j’ai le soucis qui s’affiche comme quoi j’utilise la version 32 bits incompatible

Comment je peux faire ?

Car j’ai pleins de jeu qui fonctionne sur wemod, sauf celui ci

Aidez moi s’il vous plait


sorry i use a translator

I can’t play with captain tsubasa on wemod, what should I do? it tells me an anti virus message, but I have disabled the firewall and the anti virus and it does not work

Then I have the problem that appears that I am using the incompatible 32-bit version

How can I do ?

Because I have lots of games that work on wemod, except this one

Help me please

Did you follow the steps for the bypass?

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I don’t know what bypass is, is it to rename files? if so, i’ve done it several times, on 3 computers, and it doesn’t work at all

For people who don’t understand how to bypass EAC:
*launch the game from Steam on OFFLINE mode
*when you’re on the main menu of the game, press “Play” on Wemod.
I try it right now and that work.
Thanks me later

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The game gives differents errors when I try to launch the mods
One of them is “Wemod - Launch Error : Failed to start the game. Please check your installation or antivirus software”.

And using the reccomended method the game still lauches but WeMod gives the error “This mods were created for the version of 64 bits of the game. You are launching a version of 32 bits".
Wich is really weird, because I do not have a version of 32 bits.

And if I wait more, WeMod pops out with the error taht links me to this page to repport the issue


Update mode , New version is 1.46