Castle Crashers Mod Tool

I know Horizon has a Castle Crashers tool but this one has a little more features and I found it really useful. I take 0% credit for the tool I’m just sharing it with you. Credit goes to Nothinbeter2do and DJ Sheperd. (as it uses X360.dll)

Yes I know this is old. (its for the people that didn’t know)

Download: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Note: “The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable” doesn’t mean the link is dead just try again later.

this one is MUCH much better. Just one thing to note about it. They add 1 skill point onto whatever number you selected for your character level. So if you set your level at 99, when you go into the game it will actually be 100.

I think it’s patched

i dont think so, profile mods are hard to patch, RDR couldnt even do it right

Nice. Very detailed thanks for the share!



Nice release they should add this to horizon :stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys i would love some help i just modded out my castle crashers and rehashed n resigned it n everything but now its a corrupted profile dont worry i can recover my GT but is there a new rehasher/resigner program i use CONcept 0.3 hit me back asap

I can’t get this to work. My profile will not load…?? I loads fine i Horizon

edit: sorry, my bad… I got it working :smile:

lol I used this same Tool and was gonna bring this up just like you…

Looks good in the pic

This works, i got all my characters up to 256. this includes the downloadable ones too.

Sweet Thanks I Really Hate Being Level 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, man. This is gunna help a TON of people. Easy to use even for the noobs out there!