Charlie murder save editor for pc

does anyone have any idea how to edit a charlie murder pc save for me i mean i have looked every where and everything is for console only

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Never played this game. But it seems to be quite heavily online-focused. This means save files are likely saved to the (Steam) cloud instead of on the player’s PC. Which means, of course, no physical save file may exist for anyone to edit.

Just a theory. As said, never played the game. :slight_smile:

yeah but it has the save files in appdata in files under game.sav i have studied up on it i just dont know how to edit a .sav file all of characters, money and levels, also skins
are contained in it

you could in theory use any .sav file editor but you would probably have to find the values yourself or see if the xbox values are the same as the pc values? this is just a theory of course