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Could you make a cheaper Pro tier with limits like capped at number of games or number of uses a month? I love Wemod but only have time to play 10-20 hours a month and $6/month (for the yearly) is a bit much for me considering how often I get to play. If there was a cheaper tier with usage limits around $1-2/month (yearly pricing is fine) I would jump on it in a heartbeat

You don’t need PRO to use any trainer, all of them are free.

PRO is for interactive controls and remote.

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Wow one dollar a month ? Looks like they would not be eating steak with that !
The main idea is to make money to keep the free site running
I would pay one dollar a month too

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We appreciate the feedback. Offering a subscription at that kind of cost isn’t realistic due to fees from payment processors which would take approximately 40% of $1. Pro is completely optional and we think it is fairly priced when compared to other cheat/trainers that want $10-$20/month.


Honestly as generous as you guys are with what you get for free I look at pro subs as just a way to show meaningful support for the work you guys do. You could easily monetize the hell out of the app with all sorts of limits, timed releases of trainers, and all sorts of terrible BS. But that’s why all the comments I see about WeMod are people saying things along the lines of “I was surprised it actually is legit”, or “It sounded to good to be true”. So thank you guys for that. It’s your very customer friendly way of doing business that caused me to jump on that 50 percent off 1 year sub tonight

Plus the fact that I left a comment on your YT page explaining why the app is so great and people should download it and you guys ended up reaching out, and asked if we could speak on the phone just to get feedback, suggestions, and thoughts on ideas you guys had at the time and thanked me for my time with a free 1 year of Pro. That is def a group of people that actually care about making a damn good piece of software :slight_smile:


Just my two cents, like the OP I don’t play enough to justify spending $6 a month. But, if there was a cheaper option I would quickly subscribe. Sure, you said they take 0.40 cents of every dollar, but if you increase your subscribers 10 fold, then that’s profit.

I love this service, but PRO is not priced right to make it attractive to casuals. Only die-hards will buy PRO and die-hards are a minority compared to casuals. Just saying, a cheaper price will reel in casuals.

Or maybe a flat fee? I would buy this for $25 bucks or maybe $30… but I wont subscribe $6 monthly when I only get to play a couple hours a week.

Eitherway, you have a good product. I just think there needs to be a different price point.

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Just seeing this reply! Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for the feedback! We will take this into consideration.

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lower tier can only use the interactive in the program but not the phone app