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Cheat Engine and me

First off I’d like to thank Wemod and the team for making this great app, it’s helping me alot with my massive backlog of games and recently I’ve realised it’s damn exhausting making these cheats as I’ve been trying to make some too with the games that have been took off Steam and won’t be sold again. (mainly 'cos of licensing issues)

So I’m just wondering is there any other programs apart from Cheat Engine that does the job for cheat creaters? or is there any YouTube videos out there for a fellow “wannabe” cheat creator?

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One of the best creators I know only used windows debugger but honestly Cheat Engine is the easiest way to get started. This is a decent youtube series to help you get started but the best way to learn is to just start working on trainers.

thanks alot for the link but most vid’s I’ve watched just use windowed mode on games with a single monitor but would it not be easier using more then 1 monitor? I’ve got 2 as i used to stream games using Twitch, so just asking for ease of use

Recording more than 1 screen isn’t overly easy. It doesn’t really matter either way because you still have to tab out of the game to use cheat engine.