Cheat Engine Just Cause 3 roof top monitors shutdown timer

Can anyone find the timer address for shutting down all the monitors, I enter for example 2:15 135.It won’t locate the timer for me in any setting 2bytes,float etc

Are you doing this as a side project? Or just having troubles getting all the monitors done?

I have trouble getting all the monitors done. can’t find any Mods or trainers that freeze this timer.

I did it myself with just the grappling hook. Try to set yourself up at the furthest one and they’re setup so you can easily get from one to another. I think I was only worried about one set of them and still finished with 10 seconds left.

Tried that, but with my Arthritis my dexterity is to bad to get to each one in time.

Hmm, you could try a cheat engine table. It never really froze my timers though. And when it did, it messed up my game.

I never could find the timer address in cheat engine but if it messes up the game its useless anyway. Maybe instead of a freeze timer an add time or reset timer would work.

Used a trainer that gives super grapple distance and finished all provinces. The mission Rico and the Rose is preventing me from finishing the game. Hope a Mod is made to give the rebel plane no damage as indicated by the plane health bar on top of the screen, also super speed for my jet and unlimited distance to lock on the enemy planes to destroy them would be super!

Is that the one where you have to protect her jet? If so I know there was a bug where your jet won’t lock on and you need to restart the game to fix it.

I can lock on,I don’t have the dexterity due to my severe Arthritis to destroy them quick enough to protect the plane, the plane’s life bar goes to zero within 15 seconds after I start shooting the enemy planes