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Cheat Engine watch dogs 2

There’s no trainer for watch dogs 2 uplay+. So I’ve tried using Cheat Engine but CE can’t find any values. I even changed 4 bytes to all but still doesn’t. I’ve done -eac launcher thing to disable anti cheat but CE still doesn’t find any values. Plus when I open the Cheat Engine to select the process there’s no icon next to watch dogs 2? Thanks

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With my personal experience of Cheats Engine and Ubisoft latest games is that CE rarley work with Ubisoft newer games as with Watch dogs 2 that i have tried to use CE with as well as Far cry 5. With that said Ubisoft is most likely actively blocking CE through their game engins, as both Watch dogs 2 and Far cry 5 is almostmost always be connected to the internet” game service for their ingame Microtransactions which makes Ubisoft money. With CE you can modify your gameplay so that you don’t have to spend IRL money in Ubisot’s games which they don’t like.

Now this is probobly the respons you would like to get, though there is probobly someone more experience with CE can give you a better response.

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Is the current MrAntiFun trainer not working? The thread is here:

There is some info posted that you might be looking for as far as CE.


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I was able to use CE to change my cash value in game as of 5d ago. Wish a trainer would be released for Uplay+ I voted for it but not sure if that’ll be enough

Have you tried playing the game offline? then use CE?

I wish that too. Can you share how did you manage to change money value? I cant get it work.

So this was a bit ago but if I remember correctly I went to the 3D printer in game and went to purchase something. In CE I put initial string as my starting cash. Bought something then ran search for next string as new cash balance. This should give you like 5 strings. Then I manually changed them to some high six digit number, like 718412 and then my in game money changed. Not to that value, but to something high enough to help. Hope this helps

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