Cheater912's Birthday Giveaway!

Cheater912’s Birthday Giveaway!

In honor of Cheater’s birthday, we are giving away 6 Coupon Codes for FREE 3 Month Diamond Subscriptions! This will start at 5:00 PM EST and we will give out a code every hour until 10:00 PM EST! Then finally, one coupon coupon code at 11:59 PM EST for a FREE Year of Diamond to end his birthday with a bang!

If you haven’t already wished him a happy birthday, do so now! Spam his wall!

The codes or the way to find the code will be posted below. If you redeemed one, let us know!

Go here to redeem it:

[details=How to Enter Code]

Enter Code Here:

As soon as you enter in the code, it won’t ask for a payment type. So don’t worry.[/details]

  • 5:00 PM EST - D3MNTH9ACXD Redeemed by Mierd2! …and Retrix?!
  • 6:00 PM EST - Sorry, but the code is not here. It’s flowing somewhere in an endless loop.
    Redeemed by Tracti0nz! [details=Code Spot][/details]
  • 7:00 PM EST - It’s on XboxMB’s YouTube, it surely isn’t here. After some time, it will hopefully appear. Redeemed by Resigner! [details=Code Spot][/details]
  • 8:00 PM EST - Add our Super Moderator, Thor’s, XBL Gamertag as a friend. Redeemed by ReMiixX! [details=Code Spot]It was an image in Thor’s XBL Bio.[/details]
  • 9:00 PM EST - Random digits at the end of his name… I wonder who joined at that number. Redeemed by urmTap! [details=Code Spot]This was the 912th member to sign up.
  • 10:00 PM EST - It’s in where they only have good things to say! Redeemed by Katy Perry! [details=Code Spot][/details]

11:59 PM EST: My sister has a tattoo of my favorite thing, I wonder if one could find it there.

p.s. It won’t work if you’re already Diamond, sorry! Another contest will be posted in the Diamond section shortly.

Must… Win…
p.s. It won’t work if you’re already Diamond, sorry! Another contest will be posted in the Diamond section shortly.

Spam is against the rules.

sounds kool

I Wantz to win teh competition :smiley:

Happy birthday Cheater, already posted on your wall.

Good luck to everyone!

Spam Cheater= Ok

Spam Zrueda= Ban.


I thought it was in April. :confused:

EDIT: Nevemind I’m thinking of something else. Happy birthday Cheater! :smile:

I did this earlier.

where do you go to type in the coupon? link would be great :thumbsup:


I Wantz Teh Coupon for a year :smiley:

Good luck to everyone!

A contest for only diamond people O.O. I wantz to know what is it. Also happy birthday cheater and congratz to whoever wins!

Me want teh code.

Congrats Cheater!


Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Just redeemed the first one after F5ing like a mother****er
thanks zruedy

edit: apparently me and the other guy above me tied lol

not valid it say =(

Shiawasena tanjō-bi cheater.

so i have to stay up until 3 in the morning to have as much chance as possible. great…

thanks anyways.

I wish it worked for Diamond members. Happy birthday Cheater!