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Cheats don't download

Hello everyone

My problem that I installed Wemod on my new PC and when I want to run cheats its puts me a message that cheats can’t be loaded and I don’t know why because it’s not my antivirus because my dad has the same antivirus and I install Wemod on his computer and he cheats works on these games, knowing his laptop was mine but we switched

So here I don’t know what to do because I love Wemod and the application installs very well and it detects my games but doesn’t want to activate cheats for my games and I don’t know why!

Can you help me?

So even though his is working, it still could very well be the AV, his just hasn’t flagged WeMod yet. Outside of someone’s ISP or country blocking WeMod, that’s the only reason for failed downloaded cheats and we haven’t had any reports of the latter.

It may be good to try uninstalling WeMod, rebooting your PC and then reinstalling.

I uninstalling Wemod and turn off my PC and then turn on and reinstalling but still cheats don’t download
You think it can be the Antivirus ?

Yepp. Cheats not downloading ? Probably is the AV. That’s what instincts said up above

I uninstalled my AV but the cheats still don’t download
I have internet by Ethernet Cable maybe it’s this ?

That makes zero difference as long as you have an active connection. Did you restart your computer after uninstalling your antivirus and did you add an exception to windows firewall for WeMod?

No I haven’t restarted my computer, I’m uninstalling my AV and Wemod right now and I’ll reinstall Wemod then

I uninstalled my AV and restart the computer and just installed Wemod but same :frowning:

my cheats don’t want to download, sad

Maybe start all over with this one

And make sure you have up to date …netframework too

But ya worth a shot to try. But still think AV. Somehow involved

I found Firewall Window Defender on my computer, maybe it is him too ?

I’m really sad I cannot play with WeMod :frowning:

Just whitelist a couple things


Mite be but windows defender never bothered mine

I did what you said but still cheats don’t download, i’m so angry now but i don’t want to annoying you :frowning::cry:

If every is ok with wemod. Start the game first after game is running then back out to desktop click play in wemod after title screen
In your picture top right corner what is that shield symbol ?

Rome II Total War is on now ! I go back to desktop and play but still not download
and the red symbol is something with my antivirus on internet

Press ctrl+shift+D, go to the console tab, then check if there are any errors.

I think I have a problem

Do you understand something in the screen ? :disappointed_relieved: