Cheats turning off

Im playing the cracked version of Way of the Hunter and I read another suggestion that recommended to try any of the existing older versions when playing a cracked game and I have gone through the older versions but nothing seems to work.

wemod crew will not support cracked games, so you’re on your own.

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As stated by @Fibby76, WeMod does not condone criminal acts, in this case namely theft of intellectual property, and copyright breach. WeMod does not make trainers to deliberately work with illegally acquired copies of games either - if some do, then it is entirely coincidental.

Therefore, we will not be assisting you with your issue. If you want the trainer to work flawlessly, buy the game legitimately and help the developers put food in their family’s table.

If you struggle to be able to afford your gaming habits, then follow the free games section of the community here - Deals + Giveaways - WeMod Community. There is at least one free game per week.
And recently there have been some really good games free during the Christmas period. A AAA game which is now expired (Death Stranding), Wolfenstein, Metro, and so on. And one good title which is still free until Thursday this week (Dishonored).