Check mark dissapear immediately after press play, even while game already running

Hi, i have problem with using cheats in PayDay 2, i start game from launcher, the wemod still showing allow me to start game, when i press that, i see checkmark for half second and then immediately dissapear. What im doing wrong? Thanks

.DEBUG [support-tasks] create-remote-thread:383 completed.
0 7888
INFO [trainer] We’re in! PID: 13640, TID: 7888
DEBUG [trainer] Game Timestamp: 1509542359
DEBUG [trainer] Trainer DLL: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Infinity\App\trainers\Trainer_8787_0b7773e63c.dll
DEBUG [trainer] Connecting to Infinity…
DEBUG [trainer] Loading the trainer into the process…
DEBUG [trainer-init] Trainer initialized!
DEBUG [trainer] Initializing assembler…
INFO [trainer] Calling trainer Setup()…
INFO [trainer] Release mode!
INFO [trainer] lua_newstate (00000000), game_update (00000000),Lua_pushcclosure(00658EA0), Lua_setfield(006594B0), Lua_tolstring(00659950), Lua_pcall(00658E00), LuaL_loadfileEx(006571A0), LuaL_loadstring (006572E0), Lua_insert(00658820), LuaL_gettop(00658780), LuaL_pushboolean(00658E70), Lua_close(00000000)
ERROR [trainer] An error occured. Last Win32: 0x00000000

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