Choose game version for cheats

Add option for choose game version for cheats. When game has been updated and author update cheats, cheats on old version not work anymore. Some users not able to update game and can’t use cheats. This option would make it possible.

Thanks in advance!

Well if you can’t update you’re most likely using a cracked version of the game which is not supported by infinity.
I know they’ve been thinking about adding the option to still use the cheats if the dev hasn’t updated the cheats yet but not other way around.

I have suggested this since launch of infinity but we decided the overwhelming majority of users want updated trainer and in fact use beta and experimental steam version (WHY!! WHY??!!) so the focus is on that.

Infinity can automatically detect every version though, i just have to add support for it but with denuvo these days, games get cracked months after release by which point game gets 100+ updates and it doesn’t make sense for me to download the older cracked version just to add support for it especially when i have to deal with an update for the game everyday.

The team is developing an innovative new application though that can deal with this problem differently.

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Is it support i using it!

It’s not supporting it!
It may work but the devs do not make specific trainers for cracked versions. They make them for the respective versions (steam/gog/origin).
If it works on cracked versions you are lucky. If it does not work most likely there will be nothing done

I’m handicap and can’t play game without cheat and need more time to play. I understand, but i think game when get crack released with last updates. I hope so the team solve this! Like a BF1 is work before 12 days ago yesterday not anymore.


You can always buy the games.

It seems like the only way they could fix your issue would be by storing multiple versions of trainers (included out-dated ones) and applying the right one to the users version of the game. I can’t figure out how they would impliment that while keeping to the overly user-friendly theme. It would only be useful for pirated games, and cracks do not always work the same, sometimes they want to change how you launch the game.

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Seems this Topic were real old but i think many times the game version was REALLY necessary for the gamer. The 95-98% of the games out with many-many bugs, then out next Update patch. Easy to download/apply the bugfix now… really angry when spent 50-70$ or more for a great game and got a bug-hive then… (e.q. last time RAGE 2 sux etc.).
So why not adds a note the game version/patched date on the WeMod trainer??