Cinema 4D - Tut's

I will go over some easy/beginner, and more advance tutorials/aspects of Cinema 4D.

The Interface

Setting Up Your Scene

-Always have your object centered, it’s a good habit, and it comes in handy.
-Try to use lights, and array lights.
-Use Global Illumination.(When Rendering, gives realistic light.)
-Use Ambient Occlusion (When Rendering, gives realistic shadows)

Rendering Transparent


Creating Advanced C4D Text

Create fly in text

Setting Up Good Lights

1st:Go to your Content Browser>Cinema 4D>Light Setups>Array Light.
2nd:Render Settings>Effect>Ambient Occlusion
3rd:Render Settings>Effect>Global Illumination

Wallah :smiley:

Luminance Lights

You first want to create a material like this:

That will be your first material, then create something like this:

As well as something like this:

Then create a studio:

Basically 3 planes//with a bevel, but thats a bit advanced.

Then create 3 planes like the ones shown:

To the middle plane add the first material you created.

Then on the left plane add the second, and to the right plane add the third.

Adjust the brightness on each one for a better look.

If you have these render settings, it should come out like this:

Wire Frame Effect

More to come :smile:
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awesome tut.

Thanks Jesus! This will help a lot of people (including me)

Nice! Thanks for posting.

Great Tuts and great post. Keep up the awesome work (:

Do one on, Luminance.
Not really sure if i worded that right but like a cube or something that is used as a colored light.

Edit ~ Also do Metaballs :smiley:

i like maya thats what i was taught in school.

Just added it, will do meta balls later.

Epic thread

I hope so.
This thread is very helpful.
Nice job.

Thanks for this Tut JC. Helped me to make this for my cousin. Also gotta say thanks to Exzib too cos his thread helped too.

Nice tut , Im getting better


Kidding, nice tutorials. Will be referencing this ****.

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Add how to create a studio =3 + beginner physics and dynamics in mograph

Could you add how to make a sexy intro? <3

Not possible, it would go into too many programs.
Illustrator/Photoshop, then
Cinema 4D, then onto
After Effects, and finally to
Sony Vegas.

I love this thread. It taught me so much. There are still a few things I need help on, I’ll edit this post with the ones.

EDIT: Here: 1st:Go to your Content Browser>Cinema 4D>Light Setups>Array Light.

Whats my content browser and how do I get to it? :S

And with the fly in text, It won’t let me “Check” those circles. Why is that?

Thanks for a great tutorial.

So much thanks!!! This has helped me a lot