Cities: Skylines Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Guys, this trainer does not work anylonger. Money Cheat does NOT work as of 29 May 2022 on Steam.

Guys, I am a muppet. You gotta make sure that you actually start the time, i.e. you must not be in Pause Mode which is the default when starting a new game. The money cheat does work. Sorry for this.

In the Steam Workshop they have a mod that minimizes garbage, death, sickness, and pollution. There is a mod for unlimited money. There is also a mod that adds free electricity and water.There is also a mod to increase wind.

Check out the Steam Workshop. There are a large number of specific mods for many differant needs. But be careful, as some of the mods that you may add slow down the loading of your specific game, so be patient when you make changes as the loading time can increase dramatically.

MORE JOBS and more RCI - (residential, commercial,office and industrial demands). Sometimes there are NO demands for RCI and your city stops growing. The key is MORE JOBS. If you had unlimited jobs that would help you grow your city.

There needs to be a “Non-Stop Citizen Flow” cheat, so citizens still choose to live in your city no matter how horrible it is

French translation is awful…
About consumption :

  • for residential, should be : “Suppression de la consommation Résidentielle” (to have a short description.
  • for commercial : same thing with “Commerciale” instead of “Résidentielle”.
  • for industrial : same “Industrielle” instead of “Residentielle”

For the tooltip (oh my god…) : “Pas de besoin en Eau, Électricité et Épuration” (“Électrique” mean electrical, not electricity, it’s an adjective not a noun, here the noun should be used instead).

Up ! please :slight_smile:

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update please, everything except unlimited money and rainy weather doesn’t work.
200k people play this

Hi! Any news on this update? F4 still doesn’t work

Hi, any chance to fix F4 Commercial water & power? It switches on and then off.

The Cities: Skylines cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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The Cities: Skylines cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Hello and Happy New Year
Unfortunately, it does not support the game version, please update it

Should add some cheats to increase demand or something as close to this as possible

Hi, On Steam Version - cheats not working. Please consider updating them. Thanks.
What does not work :

  1. Unlimited money

What does work :

  1. Rainy Weather
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Could we please have an update and new cheats please ? Especially concerning unlocking new areas, criminality controls and such… thx !

Ok, so after a few days of playing with the cheats on, i’ve encountered many problems that cheats could actually ease the game :

-Citizens leaving home ( for a lot of unexplained reasons, mostly “cant pick up dead bodies”)
-Ease traffic
-Unlimited “zone unlock” (currently cap sized to 9 case, which isnt a lot considered all the map we do see)
-Unlock all Unique buildings.

It would be awesome if an update of those cheats could add most of this.
I mean, last update indeed was from december 2022, and cheats upon launching still warn us that it might not be for the right version of the game…

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The cheats need an update, they didn’t work for me.

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none of the cheats work, needs updating


still no update? not woking

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