Cities: Skylines Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Please update the trainer! The game was updated on June 26th and the trainer is stopped until December 2022. Thank you!!

I’m really disappointed, you pay a lot of money to be PRO and there are no updates to a game where 260k people play. In this PLITCH is clearly superior, updated the trainer on September 19th!

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I wouldn’t say that putting certain key cheats behind a subscription is better. The cheats here just really need an update, at least those who cant pay for pro can still use cheats here.

true and i looked up grand tactican civil war on there. the ones that matter aka the money one is free and when it comes to reducing national debt and all of that. the money one helps. reduces the debt and helps give surpluss for better credit rattings.

update Unlimited Money pls

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It is broken, please update.

Hi, can you give us more details about what’s not working?

Unlimited Money on Steam version. Even if you turn this on, it will automatically switch off after a while and your money will continue to decrease (if there are roads, etc.).

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Is it the only one that’s not working? How about the other cheats?

Looks like it’s little bit random. Money Cheat isn’t working also business needs water etc. cheat. Industrial and residence costs cheat including rainy wheater works at my side

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hmm okay thanks! i will report this to the team so we can have someone check with the trainer.

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I just got an update from the testers. The trainer works fine on their end.

Please make sure to select the most recent trainer. Just go to the history tab to check if you are on the latest one.

Only rain cheat seems to work atm

The Money and the commercial building mods are not working on my steam version (10 sec.)
correction, with the money mod works with the version of december 16.

No you have disbled the possibilty to ue an older version of the mod. I AM PISSED!!!

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is already working to restore the feature, and they are aiming to have it done by the end of the day.

idk what is is but not a single mod is working for me, not only is there no rain but everything is still consuming water and electricity and the unlimited money is not working.

Hi everyone, I noticed the trainer version that is automatically selected for the steam version is the 2019 version. You will need to select the most recent version (2022) of the mod in order for the mods to work:)