Cities: Skylines II Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

HOW? gamepass doesn’t allow access to .exe

You have to drag and drop the .exe file, not select it within the menu wemod pops up for us. It will work then.

“D:\Xbox\Cities- Skylines II - PC Edition\Content\Cities2.exe”

Mine is on drive D. Yours may be “C:\XboxGames\Cities- Skylines II - PC Edition\Content\Cities2.exe”

After you drag and drop, use the drop down and click the custom path to start your game.

Once you buy something ingame, click F1 (our whatever you set as the decrease hotkey) then press F2 (our whatever you set as the increase hotkey) to set your money. You can also click the set button in the GUI change your money.

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are there any plans for more options? like skill points etc? also thanks of course

Does not work as of 11/1.

Yes it does. I’m dumb. Sorry, devs.

seems to no longer be working

I’m curious, will see cheats for Development Points and Expansion Permits?


Does not work on Xbox as of 11/8.

fling trainer is lightyears ahead


Needs updated to have more than just money. Please!!

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Any word on if this is in the queue for an update? the gamepass version just flat out doesnt work…

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is it possible to use the steam trainer cheats when i have the xbox gamepass version installed? i dont like to have only money cheat, i like the xp mulitplier van mr fling better
and an “add development points” would be nice too, i dont want that infinite stuff

could it be possible to make a cheat where it stops the citizens from abandoning their homes? Thank you

This game needs an update and more added tools like previous post have mentioned, steam’s version of cheats and maybe something for lack of employment/labor, abandonded homes and leveling up ( development points ), would be much appreciated from community :wink:

wish there was a way to set nodes lol

Can we please get more than just money for the Xbox version?