Civilization 6 and Wemod not compatible

I am trying to use the trainer for civ 6 but when I try to launch the game it says the trainer was made for the 64 bit version of the game and it says I have the 32 bit version. This is my first
time using WeMod but I know I have the 64 bit version from the Epic Games Store. I will attach a screenshot from task manager to prove it. Is there anyway I can get the trainer to launch in the game?

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Could you try launching the game first through Epic Games? Then, once you’re on the main menu of the game, hit Play on WeMod?

Hey sorry for the late reply! I launched it from the epic games store and there was no option to play with WeMod. Any other suggestions?

You can try manually linking the game’s .exe to the trainer if it’s not able to find the correct installation path. A quick way to know the correct .exe is to launch the game, then open up Task Manager. Once it’s opening, right-click on the running game and select Open File Location.