Classified: France 44 does not show up in the game search

Hi guys,
I understand how it works with new trainers. There is a queue and you can boost games to push them up the list. But this is the first time I’ve come across a case where a game isn’t even found in wemod. It’s about Classified: France 44, which also eliminates the boosting or that I can use the notify me option. Can someone explain to me whether there are exclusion criteria for games or whether this is a rare individual case? Thank you.

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Games are automatically added to the WeMod library when the WeMod software detects that enough WeMod members own the game.

We do not manually add games to the library. And if WeMod added every game in existence without checking how many WeModders own it, then the library would be completely spammed with abandoned, dead, and scam games.

The game was only released a few days ago, and it is not a AAA (and barely even a AA for that matter) game, so it’s nothing unusual that not many WeModders own it yet.

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Thank you for the explanation of how games are added. And yes it makes sense what you say. :hugs: Then I hope there are more gamers out there itching for new X-COM games. Classified: France 44 definitely satisfies that itch. :smiley:

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Still not showing up after a week of being out and this would be the perfect XCOM game like but there’s still no trainer because of no ability to detect the game


There’s nothing that WeMod can do about how popular a game is with WeMod members or not. A game’s popularity is down to the marketing team that the game developer has hired.

Being patient is the only advice we can offer right now. :slight_smile:

This thread is being locked purely so that the information we have given does not get lost and can easily be searched by others visiting the forum. :slight_smile: