Clean Black Ops 41560855.GPD

Clean Black Ops .GPD

This file is a clean Black Ops GPD, not a modded GPD.

I made a new account from scratch to get this GPD for the public.

Download: 41560855.gpd

Already posted for the 16th time.


Download link found on the post, finally.

And we need a clean GPD For…?

ya we really dont need another post about this

Close this nonsense pl0x?

He was just trying to help guys.

OP: There has been many post on Clean GPD’s please use the search button.

Sure will do, just that i’ve seen many threads on TTG being posted about users needing a new Black Ops GPD, so I thought i’d just post it on here to help the community because i’ve not seen one that had been posted on the first couple of pages.

Can you tell me why exactly we need a clean GPD for?

Posted So meany times…

We don’t really need this, but thanks for the help.
All you have to do is delete the current GPD from your profile and start up Black Ops.
There you go you have a new fresh GPD.

It’s for if you have a modded .GPD on your account you can put another clean one back onto your account so you can’t get banned online (can’t connect to server banned).

I can’t connect to server atm. So if I swap out my GPD for aclean one, i’ll be able to connect? I was nevertold about being banned nor a ban message ;/

Well, in this situation you’ve got on your hands I haven’t got a clue. It was more for if you was doing a instant 15th prestige/or anything to do with online GPD’s and you’d was able to put a clean Black Ops GPD on your account before you got banned.

yeah i have seen this a lot bro

If you modded your account and want to go back to a normal gpd.

but you could just delete the modded one and load black ops and it would be the same thing.

why clean why not dirty :o