Close Program when game closes?

Is this a feature that can be added eventually? I tend to forget that it’s open and I’ll go to start another game and the Anti-cheat detects it and gets upset about it. if we could get an option to close it when it detects the game is closed similar to the close to tray option that would be fantastic

implementing an option to automatically close the WeMod when it detects a game is closed may present technical challenges and potential compatibility issues with various gaming setups. We understand your frustration but If management feels like it’s a good idea they will look into adding an option for it.

I’m more suggesting it as an option that the user can enable or disable at their discretion. I just noticed that it already detects when the game closes so I figured that it would be a fairly easy thing to implement. a lot of VPNs have this feature and it has proven its usefulness to me.

either way no biggy, I just thought id throw the idea out there

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This is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!