COD: Black Ops 2 DLC problem

Hello everyone! My COD BO2 dlc wont work even with TU 18. My console is a RGH slim. When I see the dlc and game on 360 Content Manager, the Media ID only appears on the default.xex. No Media ID on the Dlc. Can somebody please help me?

Edit:Media ID is 1CF74090

Been awhile since I even turned my rgh on lot has slipped away
But @SteveWonda will probably know he usually pops on pretty often
He was actually on 3 hours before your post.

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Are you positive you have the correct TU 18? I just checked over at and there’s multiple Media ID TU 18’s available. If you’re unsure, I would go ahead and delete the one you have and download & reinstall the correct one.

OR…Have you tried unlocking the individual DLC files with XM360? I had problems a few times with DLC and unlocking them with XM360 fixed it. I also noticed this comment on a different site about Black Ops 2 DLC, it said: “turns out I didnt have all dlc, only some of it and they needed to be checked in xm360”.

I’m not a COD guy so I’ve never tried doing what you’re attempting to do so I don’t know what else to recommend. Sometimes DLC files can be the wrong versions or bad files but if they’re showing up as good when you view them in content manager then they should be good.

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I am 100% sure i have TU 18. I have another problem:none of the dlcs that i have (including other games) appear on XM360. I use version 2.0.

When on XM360 did you perform the “Rescan All” option? After that you should be able to see all DLC, XBLA, GOD, TUs, etc… You may need to look for a “Show DLC” button" or use RB to select the category. Try that and let me know what’s up if you haven’t solved it yet yourself.

About the TU. I still encourage you to check that you indeed have the correct 18. There are at least 5 different media IDs for 18 out there.

EDIT I haven’t fired up either of my RGH’s in months now. If my suggestions don’t work I’ll break one out and see what I can figure out. I will add that if you have both and internal hard drive and external hard drive make sure you are looking at the correct one when in XM360 or any other app. And make sure the files are in the correct locations.

Yes. I did select the “Rescan All” option. I try to change categories but none of my COD: BO2 dlcs appear. I use external hard drive.

Do you have an internal drive that you can move/put the DLC files on? I know as a fact all of mine are on my internal drive, same as TUs, game saves, profile, etc… I use my external drives strictly for the large main game files.

I only have the default 4GB memory and a Samsung external hard drive. I don’t have the original Xbox 360 250/320GB hard drive.

Where are you placing the DLC files on your external drive? Do you other DLC files on that drive that do work in game?

I’m placing in the 02 folder in content. I have other DLCS that work in game, like the Just Dance 4 DLC.