CoD Black Ops Offline Mod Menu .GPD download

Here is the .GPD
This .GPD works great just put it on an offline account delete the title update and clear system cache and it will work.

I made this .GPD a while ago but it still works. Have fun. It is a really cool mod menu.

Chris just fixed the Download link. Thanks Chris.

Pm me when you get a new link. No share cash or anything like that. Mediafire, FS, MU something like that. And dont shrink the link with adly

Thank you I just PM’ed you the link to Media Fire link.

maybe gonna try this later :smiley:
what can i do with the mod menu?
And Thanks for sharing :smile:

May use later. Thanks :smile:

You can infect yourself through system link. 1 kill level 50. Wall hack, Promod, Toggle speed, and Frames Per Second.

Oh might have to try this on a different 360 cant really clear system cache as it messes around gears 2 apparenty

It works on all of the Xbox’s I don’t know what you are talking about.

No i meant the Gears 2 rank reset thing sometimes your rank resets if you were to clear system cache lol

Does killing youself count? I can’t system link with other people…

i will try this out after i play Gears 3, and get all the bonuses from my Gears 2, like stated above i don’t want to risk messing up my lvl 100

Clearing system cache will only remove the Title Updates. Not you saves

There still have been reports of rank screwing up and your rank has nothing to do with saves.

just put in gamer profile contents?

Yea, thats all you gotta do I thnk

How do we use the mod menu in the game? please answer

Replace the file whit matching name inside your profile.

is it for multiplayer or zombies? and is it binds or an actual little mod menu cause what looking for rn

Its for offline nothing here is for online.
And plus this is like 4 years old !